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The primary means of transportation for the average impoverished Jamaican. That being one's own legs.

Stemming from Jamaican slang, "Legsus" is a combination of two words: "Lexus" and "legs".

The "Lexus" refers to a type of luxury car, used in this context to represent wealth and possibly oppression.

The "legs", referring to the lower extremities of the body, represent an impoverished Jamaican's most available form of transportation.

The juxtaposition is characteristic of Jamaican patois, luxury and that which is available, represent the lot of the impoverished Jamaican.

In more modern usage, having a "Legsus" can be used to refer to situation where one does not have access to a vehicle.

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(My best attempt at patois)
Person 1: Yuh gat no cyar?
Person 2: Nuh, got me legsus.

(In plainer language)
Person 1: You don't possess a car?
Person 2: No, I have leg power.
by Viking Bushi May 13, 2005
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