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A nickname given to LGBT people, often used on the 4chan board /lgbt/
>tfw no qt gf
What do, legbutts?
by /r/a/ndom /a/non March 22, 2014
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A condition, not to be confused with a wedgie, where a girl with a big butt squeezes into a pair of very tight jeans, causing her ass cheeks to squeeze down into the leg of her jeans. Like a camel toe, it is either very hot or very horrifying.
Check out the leg butt on that bubble butt babe!
by platformsneakerboots June 22, 2009
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part of the butt connecting to the leg, often begins to slope bigger. more formally known as the thigh.
by runnerbeenz April 30, 2009
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the higher back of the leg. Not the actually butt, but not the thigh, either. Right between the thigh and the leg.
i gently caressed her leg butt..tenderly and smoothly.
by cheesecakeupmybutt April 10, 2012
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A colloquial term for thighs. Aids in the perception of thighs as highly sexual parts of the body.
"man, check out the Leg-Butts on that guy, mmmmhmmmm yummy yummy raahhhhh"
by RegisUni May 24, 2018
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