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When someone sags there sweatpants too low, the wind blows, and it looks like they have another set of ass cheeks on their legs.
Dude 1: *sagging sweatpants* OH YA CAN'T TOUCH THIS
Dude 2: Your cool with your saggin pants
Dude 3: Don't worry he just has a severe case of legass goin on there
by Huntsss November 06, 2010
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Usually refers to a bitch, but if you swing tha gay shit, then Saul Good. When her legs merge into her ass, looking like some type of Barbie Doll figga, then it's called Leg Ass.
by Jimmy Crack Corn December 14, 2004
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A creature which consists of a human ass and two small leggs on which it runs around and shouts out only one sound in different combinations: "aakkaaakkaakkakk" or "kkaakka"

Legassus is a bigger variation of leggars and is more violent and dangerous. One kick even from a leggass can break your leg and make you disabled. When you are on the ground it will sit with its ass on your face untill someone really strong takes it off you.
Legass or Legassus or Legarse Usually lives in student accomodations where people smoke too much weed and the kitchen is very dirty allowing for Legass mutations. The creature may appear in the evening by knocking on your door. When you open the door you see an ass with small legs saying "aakkaakkakk". You probably get frightened and slam the door but it will keep knocking and will eventually try to break in and if you have strong locks on the door you will get away with it.

"Oh shit a Legass, run"
"Meh, a Legass again same as yesterday. Bye sucker and i slam the door"
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