To break from the pack in the most awesome way possible.
Screw you guys, I'm going left shark tonight. #leftshark5eva
by leftshark5eva February 2, 2015
An endearingly awkward or incompetent person. Named for Katy Perry's off beat shark-costumed dancer at the Super Bowl halftime show, Feb. 1 2015.
My uncle is such a Left Shark dancer, he always ends up the most popular person at a party.
by TimTheBarGuy February 5, 2015
To have absolutely no idea what you are doing/supposed to do.
Billy said he felt like a left shark while playing Blackjack with friends.
by Verthaa February 7, 2015
A person that dances awkwardly and slightly out of time in an endearing way - like the shark to the left of Katy Perry in her Superbowl XLIX (2015) half-time show.
My dad's not much of a dancer...he sort of shuffles about at the side...he's a left shark kind of guy.
by SausageFTW February 2, 2015
To get more attention than the main person in the spotlight who did all the work.
Damn, that Katy worked so hard on her superbowl performance but she got left sharked by one of her dancers who only appeared for about 10 seconds.
by Grandre February 14, 2015
To have attention or recognition directed away from a person -- either intentionally or accidentally -- to such a degree that no one remembers that person (and in severe cases, could signal the end of that person's career).

This definition comes from the halftime show of Superbowl XLIX on February 1, 2015, when American singer Katy Perry's performance was overshadowed by a dancer dressed in a shark costume -- on her left side -- who appeared to forgot his choreography and danced differently than the other shark-dressed dancer on the right side.
That band tonight was totally left sharked by their opening act.
by broneeho February 4, 2015