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An athlete that does not get playing time and when someone asks them what position they play they jokingly say "Left Bench" because left is a common position title.
"Yo Tom what position do you play?" " Oh I play 2nd string left bench."
by football scrub March 12, 2018
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a world that is used to describe when you are not playing and sitting on the bench in a sport.
Last game I let the other team score 10 points, so the next game I had to play left bench.
by Picklesssss May 25, 2018
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A football player that gets no playing time and gets roasted by the whole team including the coaches. A person who is underweight and unathletic in all sports and is meant to sit on his ass and read.
I've been going to practice every day and I earned my spot as a, Leftbench
by BBD2023 June 09, 2018
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