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A wonderful mum and a perfect buissness woman.
a leezil is always prepared for important things but often forgets less important things ( umbrellas,phone numbers,letters ect) she is often late but once arrived her presence is priceless. A leezil often has hardship in her life, but over comes it with time. Leezils are usualy creative but can be a little tempramental and short tempered.
also known as lesil or leesil.
Person 1 - oh no i have this major buissness report due in tommorrow
Person 2 - don't worry leezil will help you out!

peron A - mothering is so difficult

Person B - i know, i wish i was more of a leezil...

First person - this party is boring
Second person - just wait till leezil shows up
by name meanings and more December 29, 2011
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