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A web forum based community where leet people come to be leet.

Originally starting as a forum for Dark Eden, Leetnetwork has branched out to a whole variety of games including Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 2, and many more.

Not limited to just games, LN (as it's sometimes called) has sections for Sports, Graphics, Dream Girls, Funny Stuff, Stuff in general, and the Septic Tank. As you may infer from the name, the Septic Tank is a place to talk about shit no one cares about. It is also a place where threads from other sections go when fags ruin them or they go too far off topic.

Leetnetwork members take pride in being assholes when ever possible and flaming other, less compitent members down to cinders.

Created by GenDeathRaiser, Leetnetwork has become a successful forum and has over 8,000 members. Some members have been banned due to supreme acts of faggotry. Others are not seen on the site anymore for reasons unknown. But many members still frequent the site and keep the forum full of posts.

Leetnetwork uses a rating system rnging from the godly "Admin" to the lowly "User". Most of Leetnetwork is composed of Users, although not a powerful bunch, they are plentiful. If a member gets out of hand, they are refered to a higher power such as mods and admins for banning.

One of the features Leetnetwork offers is the "Chatbox". The chatbox is used for members who are logged in to chat about anything with fellow members, without the waiting time needed for another post to be made.

Leetnetwork is funded by donations to GDR. Those who donate money are given the rank of "Donor".

Leetnetwork is a place where most of the rules no longer apply. Although, not completely free, Leetnetwork has it's own set of rules to be followed by every member. These rules can be found on the site.
- "Hey, do you think I'm good enough to be on Leetnetwork?"

- "No, shut your fucking mouth and never use the internet again, pussy."
by Orange_Chaz September 18, 2008
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