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This is a very special person who has small ears, usually. They have rly cool tastes in music, style and friends. They typically don't give a fuck about an Oxford comma, and tend to stress about facial features that only appear large to them. tHey'Re sO quIrkY!!!1!! Usually come from the mid west, so naturally, they're partial to mittens over gloves, and have a really funky accent. Leeno's almost always have a pair in nature called the Sheeno. They don't like abrasive people, so if you're abrasive get the fuck out. Also have a strange Josh Groban obsession. Don't mention it. Their fave food is pasta salad and grape juice. Never cross a leeno, bcuz you'll regret it and they WILL shart out of anger.
I'm not sure why but that leeno just asked for an ayg. All I have is an ice cube.
by disIsRealDisIsMe September 05, 2014
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