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The religion of of believing in Autumn as God and Cassius as the Devil, or ruler of the Underworld.

The common belief is that God and Satan are enemies, but in this religion, they are married. They even have two children. One, their son Nacht, was born on Christmas and is the religion's version of Jesus. Instead of being a savior, Nacht just sits around, wallowing in despair over absolutely nothing. His sister is utterly useless and just complains about everything. Their parents despise them and enjoy passing Nacht's journal around to their aquaintances so they may deface it together.
In Leeanity, there is no worshipping. One cannot simply pray for their forgiveness. Autumn doesn't even listen to prayers, and is restricted from answering them even if she wanted to (which she doesn't.) She's a lazy-ass bitch who does nothing but sleep and defend Canadians.
Cassius just engages in random shenanigans in the Underworld that include drugs and DDR. Once a week, he visits his wife above by climbing Mt. Everest. He then eats all her food, does with her as he pleases, and skydives back to Hell.
Are you an atheist?

Nah, I believe in Leeanity.

What's that?

You don't want to know.
by Midnightstorm45 May 01, 2011
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