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Located in Lee's Summit, Mo, West is the newest and sort of the best high school in the district; scoring highest in most standartized tests.

The school itself is filled with douche bags and tools. The students also have an annoying arogance, especially concerning their sports teams, especially football after winning state championship 2 times in 4 years.

The students at Lee's Summit West also have problems with spelling
Football player: We're going to the dome!!

Football Coach: Pac the Wac!!!

Lee's Summit West Kid to a LS Kid:
West: So, uh, who beat you twice in one season?
LS: West...
West: Yeah, we're so cool. How'd you do on your EOCs last year.

LS: Uhh....what?
by hippyemochick April 29, 2011
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A high school in Lee's Summit, Missouri. The school is full of unintelligent, inbred country boys and girls. Despite the gross amount of idiocy in their school, they still have a great robotics program, advancing as far as the semifinals and winning the Rockwell Automation Award. If they have anything to be proud of, it should be their robotics program. They also tend to emit a lot of incoherent trash talk to whoever they compete against.
Lee's Summit West talked a lot of trash against the team that beat them in robotics.
by It's let's go, not less gooo. November 25, 2010
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