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1. A common dissing word for Koreans.

2. 10th president of South Korea, born December 1941 in Osaka, JAPAN.

3. Stubborn, egocentric, oblivious of the citizen's voices and needs.

4. Looks like a mouse.

5. Formerly alleged for 14 illegal activities and yet promotes a lawful society.

6. Politically murdered the former president, Roh Moo-Hyun.

7. Demolishing the democracy of South Korea to fulfill his own needs and become a DICTATOR.

8. To be impeached and prosecuted within the next 3 years.
A: You're such a Lee Myung Bak
B: Hell no
by dasbinich December 17, 2009
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Lee Myung-Bak was elected the 17th president of Korea in December 2007 with 48.7% of the vote considered to be a landslide as voters responded to his success as a construction CEO and Seoul mayor.

In order to prevent the worldwide financial crisis from causing the domestic economy to slump and a vicious economic cycle to occur, the Lee administration did its best under an emergency management system.

Korea could be one of the fastest countries to get out from the crisis among G-20 countries and will host the summit of G-20, major industrialized and developing countries in November, 2010
Lee Myung Bak's approval rating in Korea has recently been skyroketed beyond 50% due to his leadership in financial crisis and Creative Pragmatism to problem solving.
by kendo35 October 06, 2009
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