A NBA player who is much malinged because of the Cavs struggles and the very high expectations the media and fans put on him. Has a chance to become of the best players in the NBA. He has the passing of Magic Johnson and the explosiveness of Michael Jordan.
LeBron James deserves more respect
by C-Note 2000 May 14, 2005
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Is the best player in the world. He has high talent and leads the Heat in points, assists, and rebounds. Many haters yell and curse at him, but the truth is the truth, he is still the best now. Or at least he is one of the best.
Hater: "HA! Lebron James sucks so bad!"
Person: "Um...56% FG, 27PPG, 4.9APG, 6.8 rebounds/game...all leading numbers for his team."
by MY Main YEEZY June 07, 2014
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First pick in 2003 NBA draft
Best player in NBA

2x NBA champion
4x MVP
Lebron James is the best player in NBA, 4x MVP, 2x NBA champion, and was the first pick in NBA draft.
by Eagle4life April 05, 2015
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Lebron James luh-brล“n,jeymz verb.

1. to distance yourself from anything destined to fail.

2. to end a longstanding relationship in the worst way possible
Brad Pitt is a cool guy but he Lebron Jamesed Jennifer Aniston. bad break ups
by G.O.V October 02, 2010
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Basketball player whose fame and prodigal skills at such a young age has made him hated by bitter losers and idiots who have never seen him play.
Who cares if every professional scout on the planet thinks Lebron will be a superstar, he's still garbage.
by Blah! July 30, 2003
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the undisputed greatest player of all time to play in the NBA, and also to ever touch a basketball or any object that has ever had a rounded shape. The lord and saviour of Cleveland, Miami, and the United States of America. He is the Jesus Christ of the modern day era. Instead of feeding us, his followers, bread and fish, he feeds us with jaw-dropping plays and moments of true greatness. He is the main figure of following in almost every state and city in the United States of America (excluding Boston, Chicago, San Antonio, Detroit, Golden State, and Indiana) who disallow the following of our great lord because of their following of Satan, the great demon and their deviation from normality.
LeBron James, our god, right?
by LITERALLYLEBRON July 20, 2016
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