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Best thing a confident fit man or woman can wear irregardless of their orientation or style, if they can pull it off properly and have a nice physique for it. Extremely popular in the 1960-1980s as worn on the streets, they got a bad name for straight men and even straight women in the US and the UK as unanimously (wrongly) associated with LGBT/gay culture.

They have different cuts and fits but the best one would be similar to that of Levi's 501, best not too skintight and absolutely not too loose. They should be classic and black but other colours as brown are worn by men and women choose a variety of colours.
Tight fit of leather jeans flatters most men especially more muscular ones and a smaller group of women who have less body around thighs and bottoms.

They are worn often instead of specialised bike leathers but not recommended as they have no padding.
Best worn on informal occasions where you wouldn't expect see you nan. Best way ever to annoy in-laws esp. if you're a Man. Worn in church can emphasise your relaxed attitude towards religion. Worn to work can get you sacked unless you're a male escort.

If you have a mate who annoys you, put them on next time you go out with him.

On women, they can make a nice camel toe if tight enough. And on men, they should form at least a visible moose knuckle or jean bulge, otherwise DO NOT WEAR.

There are lots of uses and occasions and ways to wear leather jeans and more and more men and women wear them in the last few years.
Omg look at Becky's leather jeans. Fuck me mate she looks tight in them, I would bloody grab her arse right now!

Hey mate, nice leather jeans, where can you buy them?

Last time Stacy went to the club, she got smashed and was grabbing a bum of some random bloke in tight leather jeans.

Oh shit, look, that fit bird's got a proper camel toe in those snug leather jeans, ouch....
by leatherjeans September 08, 2013
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