When a child/student gives you a perpetual "idk" face when you ask/they are asked, to do some menial task that is well within their ability to do so, but they want you to either do it for them, or just give them the answer.
Susie should stop displaying such obvious learned helplessness and tie her own damn shoelaces, the idiot is thirteen!

The students suffer from a ridiculous amount of learned helplessness whenever they are asked to go over something their science teacher *just*freaking*disscused*.
by The.strangler. April 21, 2016
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A disease for which the main symptom is never learning how to do simple tasks for yourself. Always asking others to do things for you--especially in the workplace. A carrier of the disease is usually fully dependent on coworkers and the employees below them.
"Hey Susie, I'm going to need you to put postage on this for me. I just never learned how to use the postage machine...I have learned helplessness"

"I've had learned helplessness ever since I got promoted to CEO. Can you copy this double-sided for me? I just can't bring myself to figure it out."
by Angry Rant June 9, 2009
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