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She's the most amazing girl you'll ever meet. She can seem quite timid when you first meet her but as you get to know her you see she's a fun and outgoing person. She can always put a smile on your face even on the most down days. She'll be the best friend you'll ever have and you will struggle not having her around to brighten up your day. Love her and she'll love you back ten times better. You can never be without a leannan once you've met one. Honestly 100% the best person on the planet.
Leannan is the most amazing person on the planet. I can never do without leannan in my life.
by Abbz21 August 29, 2019
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Leannan is a fairy. A lover of nature. She is the goddess of trees and tea. Don't come between her and her tea. She loves the smell of cinnamon and blown out candles. She loves cats and mistakes herself as being one, but that's what makes her so purrfect. Her favourite colour is green. She's a mess, but a good mess. The kind that doesn't need fixing. She's always ready for a new adventure. She wants to be a hobbit and live in the Shire. She has ugly toes. But, her bubbly personality makes up for it. Get yourself a Leannan. She's a loyal friend.
"Leannan is so weird... She's purrfect."
by Flutt3rby August 29, 2019
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