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The attempting of logical reasoning whilst under the influence of high grade sensi. The subject may be under the illusion s/he can attempt to work out a highly ambitious problem but will often end up forgetting the original problem before working out the solution. In other common cases of Lean Mathematics, highly simple calculations like working out percentages or adding round numbers are often wrongly executed.
i. Shabazz was in licked out of his head in the back of Icky’s M3 and was attempting lean mathematics by trying to figure out how much profit he could make if he bought two 9bars and sold 1.3grams for £10 each. Reason was he wanted his own M3 and it would take him too long with the wage he got working in his fathers newsagents. After 20minutes trying to work it out with the sound of 2pac pumping in the background, he totally forgot what he was thinking about and instead though about what colour he wanted his car in (matt black or ice white).

ii. Mams went into kababworld at 4am and spent 10minutes using lean mathematics to try and work out if he had enough to buy the 3 kababs and 2 nourishments he wanted and got it completely wrong when he got to the till. He didn’t care though as he still had some green left to bun after he’d consumed his munchies
by A MASON November 03, 2010
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