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Leamington Spa is a wealthy town in Warwickshire, it has more high street shops and amenities than an average town of it's size because it has a wealthy population, also it adjoins Warwick and Whitnash to form a much bigger conurbation, and neither of those towns have much in their centres, so all the shops and most of the night-life is in Leamington. Many of the amenities lie on the border between Leam and Warwick. The river Leam runs through the town and near constant parks run along it, Leam is also what local people like to call Leamington for short.
I got lost in Leamington Spa.
by ajuk November 22, 2009
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Small town in the West Midlands, near to Coventry.

Known for.... well, fuck all actually.

Large and growing contingent of yuppies. Has a sizable student population.
One Underage Birmingham Kid to Another: Hey dude! Why don't we go drinking in Leam?? They NEVER ID us there.
by Colm November 15, 2003
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Regency town in the centre of England. Some claim it's the dead centre of England, some don't. Plenty for the sightseeing tourist.. but not much for us local youngsters.

Local girls put the MING in to LeaMINGton Spa.

Actual full title is Royal Leamington Spa. But it's not royal... but there's plenty of salty spa water. Tastes like semen.
American Tourist 1: How about we go to Leamington Spa for the day?
American Tourist 2: Yeh, sounds great!

Local Kid 1: How about we do something?
Local Kid 2: There's jack to do, how about we loiter round Burger King?
by RSK August 01, 2003
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