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The rare Leahtwodicks is a distant relative of the Woodkeleah.
you see this deadly creature not only posses two human penis guns made out of Madonna flesh, it is also constantly on fire.
this naturally makes it a extreme danger to the dainty and precious Katit bird. they are highly flammable and they secrete a viscous slime that attracts the Leahtwodicks. many nature enthusiast are working together to save the beautiful Katit species and eradicate the awful Leahtwodick thing.
Tour Guide :"and here we see the mystical Katit you see- OH NO! it seems to have attracted the dreaded Leahtwodicks!! oh no. DOES SOMEONE HAVE A GUN?!"
Passerby: "here!"
-throws shotgun-

-huge sigh of relief.
by technosquid July 21, 2010
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