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Originating from France coming from the words "Le" and "Ham," it is the most pure definition of mess. LeHam usually drives a yellow car with window paint all over saying "honk if you like ham." Tends to talk in a high squirrel like voice and has many male companions.
Did you hear LeHam playing her french horn while driving her yellow car? I jumped in front of her car and her high squeaky voice scared me to death.
by hambusters September 14, 2011
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someone who is different smart and brave. You wont find anyone like her. She is really funny and the most beautiful person inside and out. She wont let anyone get to her and her friends. She could be shy at some moments but never lets it get to her. She is kind and you should all was trust her.
"leham you look absolutely beautiful today."
by ehireb January 11, 2018
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