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The One And Only Charismatic animal that openly be unnoticed, covered in sheepskin. Innocent as a virgin only at work, while working on you and your uncharted sexual territory, Lefox brings out your savage lust that most females demand but keeps hidded waiting, wanting a TRUE MAN to do.
Over a romantic setting, she pierced his imagination with yearning desire to give her only what she ask for but I'm a plethora amount. His vivid images are for him to show her, unleash from her, over and over, and over again that pint up sexual ANIMAL LUST that only LeFox knows how to bring forth from a Woman. She admires Lefox's gentleman, sheep like attitude and touch, at first, now this wet, stiffness of the nipples female hungers for his hunt!
by Le FOX 24 September 06, 2016
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