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Perhaps the worlds best sport, The heaviest player must lie down on the floor, with one other player away standing at the other end of the pitch. The aim of the game is that the standing up player must throw a tennis ball towards the person lying down, who can only use his hands and feet to catch the ball, at no time may the back be moved. If the ball is out of their reach, the other player must waddle, not run, not skip, not walk, jump over the player, collect the ball and jump + waddle back over to the throwing position. If the player catches the ball, he must succesfully throw it back to the other player ( Whilst lying down ), if he catches it, you score 1 run. You must score 20 runs. It was invented in ipswich, england on the 28th june 2010. This is strictly a true mans sport. The losing 2 players must buy the winning team a drink. There are 3 innings 10 minutes each.
Tim " Ah man, wanna come watch the lazyball game at the pub? "

John " I'm more of a player myself, but i do love lazyball "

Alex " Did you hear they made a womens lazyball team? "

Ben " What a joke. "
by Ollzzz June 28, 2010
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