An unmanageably large load carried to avoid making more than one trip. The phrase originates from the American South.
I took a lazy man's load of groceries out of the car and ended up dropping them all on the driveway.
by cfisher October 31, 2009
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The act of male ejaculation as a result of masturbating, usually taking place in a bed. Upon ejaculating(blowing his load) the individual is too tired or just too lazy to clean up his mess, leaving the load to rest on the sheets, and in and around his belly button(depending on accuracy), He then drifts off into a deep and satisfied slumber.
Guy1: "Dude I was so horny last night, but was too tired to toss 1 off"

Guy2: "Dude why didn't you just 'Lazy Man's Load' that shit?"
by chakademus August 18, 2011
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