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A noun - A women with unusual demeanor and unorthodox ways of seducing men. Mostly direct, can be seen sucking face before a formal introduction. Often does not go home alone. May or may not have a super human ability to look in two directions at the same time. Gets what she came for.

A verb - Refers to a violent blitzkrieg attack, usually acted towards men, sexual in nature. Similar to a mugging.
A noun-

Yo dick! do you see that Lazy Eyed Jones over there? Man! I feel sorry for that guy, if he only knew what he was getting himself into.

It looks like Lazy Eyed Jones over there, is just fishing down the line. I'm sure some beer goggled carp will bite.

A verb -

What happened to you last night? You look like you got Lazy Eyed Jones'd.

I couldn't sleep last night, some chick was Lazy Eyed Jones'in my roommate.
by GoforGlory March 21, 2011
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