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The most beautiful girl there ever was. You wouldn't think a Layma would be beautiful but when you meet them, you are left speechless. You wonder..why aren't there more Laymas. But that's because they are rare. They have long, dark hair like a brunette Rapunzul. Laymas are very fiesty. They aren't those girls that laugh at all your lame jokes. They are honest and won't let anyone treat them like a girly girl. They are independent and sincere and strong feminists. They are a bit addicted to their devices because everyone around them can't keep them interested long enough. Want their attention? Better have interesting conversation topics prepared. You don't deserve a Layma so if you meet one, you better treat them like a a King, cause Queens come second.
Have you met Layma? Yeah. Once you do, you can't get them out of your head.
by thatcoolcat December 23, 2018
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