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a complete stud, someone who is tall dark and handsome and loves to pleasue women. That person is very cockey and full of himself but the girls still love him, because he leads them all on then ghosts them. Also known as a manwhore.
β€œHey look it’s Layke breaking another girls heart”
by Emmajames November 15, 2019
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Layke is a guys name that has a English origin. All the girls lust after him. And he takes advantage of that. He flirts with every girl he knows, and plays them too.
Hey look it’s layke breaking another girls heart
by Emmajames November 15, 2019
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layke is a beautiful name. If you have this name you are beautiful, all the guys want you, your very good with kids, everyone wants to. E your friends
β€œOmg layke is so cool!”
by Your.girly May 13, 2019
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1) To like someone in a sexual way; lust for; perverted way of saying "like"; you kno, its LAYke". 2) a Yo Game Server admin, who works tirelessly to dispense witty retorts to Smash and Admirable on a daily basis.
1) "You layke him dont you, you perv". 2) "Dissapointed like Smash's mommy when she gave birth to that woeful display of utter failure?"
by yoadmin October 05, 2006
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