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A man with an unusually large dick who keeps his woman cock-whipped simply by the pleasure he gives her in bed. He's the boss of his castle. When he says jump, she says how high? And if she ever gets upitty, he simply whips out his massive rod of correction and bangs on her until she begs her master for mercy. Basically she's addicted to his big cock and will be good so she doesn't risk losing it.
"I told my woman to get me a beer last night and she had the nerve to tell me to get it myself. Well, I had to lay down the law real good after that. I gave it to her for an hour and a half. But I think she wanted it that way all along."

"So how's that new boyfriend of yours in bed, Julie?"
"Well, he's sweet and all, but he's not exactly Laying Down the Law if you know what I mean."
"Oh yeah. I know the type. I give it 2 weeks tops."
by Erotic writer April 25, 2010
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