A term used in the current metamodernistic/internet era. Shitposting was originally "posting something bad." Literally a shitty post. Then, people started doing it ironically then, people started doing ironic shitposting ironically, and that's where things start to get weird. You're making fun of something that's making fun of something else, so it gradually became more and more absurd. The idea is it gets more absurd the more "ironic" you get, because if X makes fun of Y in an absurd way, you need to be even more absurd to make fun of X. Hence, tiers.
Reddit User: What's a good example of higher layers of irony?
Reddit Expert: For a good example of "higher levels" of irony. Above the "ironic shitposting level", there's the level where people will mock the concept of "ironic shitposting" as a childish waste of time by being more absurd or sort of "anti-circlejerking". Above this level, it begins to wrap around to mirror legitimate spam and shitposting, but framed in a way that is intentionally obvious and absurd.
Reddit Expert 2: The humour here comes from the absurdity of taking a post about decorating cakes, for example, and turning it into a post railing against white privilege. There can also be a lot of humour from the reactions of people who aren't in on the joke. Beyond this level, you have posts like the image from the OP. Posts which acknowledge the absurdity of everything I've just written by referencing the concept of irony and becoming totally non-nonsensical themselves, attempting to "out-absurd" even the most ironic forms of humour.
by Jack3t818 May 14, 2017
Unironic: I am not gay

Ironic: I aM gAy *while clearly not gay*

Post ironic: man bro, you’re looking hot *taken sarcastically or said sarcastically, but is actually gay*

Meta ironic: *kisses homie and insists it isn’t gay. No one knows if he’s gay or not*

Hyper ironic: *becomes gay, but does so ironically*
Person 1: “bro that’s poggers”
Person 2: “did you just seriously say that?”
Person 1: “nah dude I’m just using layers of irony. I used it so ironically that I use it seriously, but it’s still ironic
by JohnTrolltrane January 19, 2022
like maybe 5 or 6 right now, my dude.
Person 1: How many layers of irony are you on?
Person 2: Like maybe 5 or 6 right now, my dude.
Person 1: You are like a little baby, watch this.
Person 1: S U C C
by HandleThatIsntUsedBySomeoneEls February 27, 2019