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(v) The act of leaving the country and giving your friends little/no notice of your departure. The destination of these mysterious trips is often far away countries, such as Bangladesh, Uganda, and Israel. It is likely that there are other destinations that are unknown to anyone but the individual who is Laxing out.
Laxer: Yo guys, I'm leaving tomorrow... you might not see me for a while, or ever again.
Best friends: Shit man, where are you going?
Laxer: You know I can't tell you that... I'd have to kill you.
Best friends: Oh... So you're Laxing out?
Laxer: Yeah you wont see me for an undetermined period of time, or I might just randomly show up outside your house 40 lbs thinner and with a beard in three months, who knows.
by Laxoutersannonymous December 17, 2012
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