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Lazy or ill-educated use of language (primarily English) by 'ding-a-linguist' celebrities as well as political and media dimwits, leading to the widespread acceptance of a new - yet incorrect - meaning for a word or phrase. The method by which a solecism becomes standard English. "Quantum Leap" "disinterested" and "momentarily" have already passed into the lexicon, and are being followed by "enervate",
An example of Laxicography would be Ben Affleck's statement; "I believe it's been a very successful, enervating and exciting convention."

Enervate is NOT a synonym for invigorate. It means to weaken or enfeeble. Not only did Affleck show ignorance by using it when he meant the opposite, he then embarrassed himself further when he chided those who questioned his use of the word.
by Patrick Oranmore March 13, 2008
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