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A cutesey little female also known to the great and the good as munchkin, lawtstonator, little one, pilchard, rocket dawg and of course LJ

Has an insatiable appetite and never stops thinking about her next meal. Loves to talk and joke about sex, everyone has had a 'sesh' with lawty at some point. Can be very slow at times and be warned if you are telling her a joke or making innuendo, you may well have to explain it! Has an average taste in music, is quite fashionably dressed but maybe not as well as she thinks and has fantastic artistic and 'ball' skills.
She can always brighten up your day with one of her cheeky grins, or by giving you a hug which is great for a pair of reasons. Becomes very affectionate when drunk and sustains mysterious injuries which she likes to blame on her friends.

All in all a lovable character who you would want as your friend.
"Gaawdd im so hungry"
"Give me that food"
"I dont understand"
"No lawty im not tellin you how big it is"
"Fancy a sesh tonight?"
"I won the game for us, everyone said i was the best"

by TallJ August 26, 2008
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