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The way in which a cyber siblincest couple create offspring. The pair must recite this ancient voodoo poem:

"1 fish, 2 fish, red fish, blue fish,
make some cyber siblincest children fish"

And then BOOM... BABIES!

The magic of cyber siblincest Lawnication is that it will always result boy/girl twins, who will be forced (by their parents, who due to siblincest, actually have 27 chromosomes) into carrying on the siblincest tradition.
nat: "chad i think we are lacking in $900 government cheques"

chad: "perhaps if we have some kids, we will be eligible for some sort of family bonus package"

nat: "good thing with lawnication, we will be eligible for that cash just after reciting this poem.."
by nathurnal May 13, 2009
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