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Also Heard as "Lavadita"-Cocaine that is un cut,Almost Pure, The one the the Jefes use!
Sake La Lavada Pariente!
by ElOnce January 08, 2009
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La Vada is a beautiful girl who everyone's lusts after but no one loves. She's a very smart girl but also a fun girl that everyone wants to hang out with. She has a nice body that everyone wants but only one person can have.
Wow, there's La Vada. I wish I could bone her!
by Hipsterchick March 15, 2017
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A beautiful girl/woman who draws attention from others with enchanting beauty and humbled vibes. Like grands of sand many men may try to love her and hold on to her but in time she always slips away. She is the best of both worlds street and hood yet book-smart. She is the life of the party but her free-spirit and spicy mean streak makes it hard to keep up with, making her a lonely butterfly.
If you could catch La Vada, you'll never forget her!
by Mr.KesukeMiyagi October 18, 2017
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