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A small city in the middle of North Carolina. also refered to as LBG. Anyone that doesnt live in a 40 mile radius, doesnt know it even exists. Is one of the worse towns in America. Great if you want to get pregnant in Middle school/high school or just really want to get high or get in a fight.
Nick: Where do you live?
Shontrice: In Laurinburg.
Nick: what state is that in?
Shontrice: In NC.
Nick: strange i live in NC and i have never heard of it.
Shontrice: Near Fayetteville.
by ms. vandell March 26, 2010
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The worst town to procreate from the depths of backwoods North Carolina. If you live in this town and you're creative, you will probably be seen as a loser or a freak or something like that. God hates this town and stupid preps smoke weed a lot to seem cool and to make up for the fact no one likes them. It is filled with stupid southern people who do nothing but complain about their lives on Facebook and then start fights about guys who use them continuosly. There are about 500 churches and like a freaking two screen movie theatre. And all the hicks hangs out in the Wal-Mart parking lot in their Ford trucks. If you live here strive to escape, unless of course you're one of the aformentioned southern people. Refered to as LBG, the 910, hell or any such noun. There's like about 25 cool people in this town. There's a high school named Scotland High and they won the football state championship, but other than that it's some nasty, raggedy, run down school filled with pregnant 15 year olds and sterotypical girls who take duckface pictures, but there's like about 6 actually cool people in that school. Preps, ghetto people, and hicks run this town.
Get out while you can people!
Man: Hey God, can I see what Hell will look like?
God: Sure, here's a little town called Laurinburg...
by Hicky McHickerson January 21, 2012
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