Lauren Conrad, or "L.C." as her laguna friends called her, is the star of The Hills and Laguna Beach. During the first season of Laguna Beach, Kristin Cavalleri and Lauren didnt like each other because of the love triangle between, krisitn, lauren and stephen. Lauren was the narrator during the first season of Laguna Beach, she now has her own show on mtv called The Hills, which is basically about Lauren being an intern for Teen Vogue in L.A. and going to school at FIDM while finding time to party and hang out with boyfriend, Jason Wahler (former laguna beacher). Lauren's younger sister Brianna will be on Laguna Beach season three, while Lauren said The Hills will be her last reality show, now you know who Lauren Conrad is!
<Laguna Beach season 1>
Lauren Bosworth: How far are you and Stephen away from each other?
Lauren Conrad: Like, five minutes.
Lauren Bosworth: Really?
Lauren Bosworth: I think you guys are gonna get married.
Lauren Conrad: I think we're gonna be best friends.
Lauren Bosworth: That stuff happens, though, you know, like.
Lauren Conrad: I don't wanna marry Stephen.
Lauren Bosworth: Why? He's cute, you'd have pretty babies.
Jen: You would have pretty babies, your babies would be like the popular people at school.
Lauren Conrad: That's sweet.
Jen: They would.
by sexyy ass girl August 18, 2006
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Star of the reality show, laguna beach.

Her brain was likely found in a dumpster.

Her tv show kills brain cells.
Lauren Conrad - "Like OMG i went and got a venti vanilla chai latte with non fat milk at starbucks last night!"

Audrina - "Like OMG, that's, like, so cool."

Lauren - "OMG, lets, like, go to the cafe and get another latte!!"
by Scott Kucharski February 1, 2008
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T.V. reality star, and fashion designer. Most famous for reality television hits Laguna Beach and The Hills. Likes fugly guys. Most people who become famous usually start dating hotter people, but not her, she seems to be going for uglier and uglier guys as she becomes more well known.
Google Lauren Conrad, Jason Wahler, Kyle Howard, and Derek Hough.
by closeyurlegsperusmellslikefish October 25, 2011
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Lauren Conrad is the main charactor on a bullshit "reality" tv show caled the Hills. She used to be fat and ugly, now she is chuuby and ugly. She has "beef curtains" and is a pig nose. Hate her as much as me? Give me a thumbs up!!!!!
Lauren Conrad- I am soooo smart and pretty
Me- No, look at the world around you. You see, i live in L.A. and I practically TRIP over girls better looking then you, thinner, and SMARTER! You are a dumb pathetic excuse for a Californian and i hope your show is cancelled. Its not like it is REAL!
Lauren- .......I like ugly boys!.....Do I smell CHEESE!?!?!?!?
*runs into wall*
Me- ......ah, American youth at its best... *sarcasism*
by Taylor the biggest bitch September 28, 2007
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