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A dumb-ass trend that is literally destroying friendships FUCK YOU INTERNET
Guy 1:"It's Yanny you cum bucket".
Guy 2: "Naw G it's Laurel".
Guy 1"you know what FUCK YOU MAN EAT A BABY'S COCK"
Guy 3:"Can't we agree that it's both Laurel and Yanny"
Guy 1/2:"FUCK OFF"
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A post with two audio clips playing over each other saying both "yanny" and "laurel" at the same time. Braindead people often like to argue which word was said.
Raymundo: hEY GuYz yALl heARd b0UT DaT nEw MEEMER whEr DEY SAy "yANNeh?" CAnT bEHLEEV pEOpLE heaR "LOOREL"
Archibald: The Laurel and Yanny video is obviously two audio clips combined , shut the fuck up. Before I spread and massacre that boipussy raymundo. You know you owe me that shit since 5th grade yummy boi
by NicePairOfZimberdales June 07, 2018
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