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1. A really curvy/hot/smokin' girl, generally with long, curly, dark brown hair and typically Jewish. However, she tends to perform sickening acts of kindness, and enjoys dedicating disgusting amounts of time to saving orphan children in third-world countries. Because of this, she may make you want to kill yourself, but in the end, you realize that she's probably going to get that Georgetown spot over you, and you go and cry yourself to sleep.

2. A man-eater and or sexpot.

3. Complete memory loss/diminished attention span.
Guy: Check out the ass on that girl! Damn, she's superfine.

Girl: Don't waste your time, she's busy instating a stable government in Zimbabwe.

Guy: Dude, I totally pegged her as a Laurabeth!
by Ohyouknowww December 06, 2008
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Popular, seemingly sweet girl. However, judgmental and will find a way to ruin your life, whether it be by stealing your boyfriend or plaguing your timelines
Look at Laura Beth, she ruined my life man.
by zoomer2000 June 13, 2018
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