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Lattima is a girl who brings life and love to everything she does. She is kind hearted but bad tempered, usually wearing her emotions on her sleeves. You are either a friend or a foe, there is no in between. If you are a friend, your emotions wear on her like her own, if you are a foe, steer clear! Lattima's are usually cancers or Gemini's being born in the late 80s early 90s . Lattima's are real bad asses who aint never scared to beat a bitch down. But, if you hurt them, it takes them a while to regroup. All in all, everybody needs a bitch like Lattima.
Boy: you see that bitch over there?

Other Boy: yeah that's Lattima, that bitch be ridin!
by Ravinessbitch June 18, 2018
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