A badly garbled form of Latin created by putting an English (or other) phrase through an English-Latin translation engine. Often seen in RPG and club mottoes. Latin is a highly inflected language, which the translator can't manage. The result is bizarre, and not unlike Japlish.

For example, put 'Save the last bullet for yourself' through the translator you get this Latish: 'Servo permaneo bovis pro vestri.'

Servo = I save
Permaneo= I last
Bovis = Of an ox -- not sure how this got in, some confusion with 'bullock'?
Pro = For
Vestri = Of yours

Worse, it isn't meaningless. In bad but real Latin it means something like 'I will remain the slave of a cow instead of you.'
'Your motto's just Latish gibberish.'
by Ralph Hancock May 14, 2007
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