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The state of re-entering a Facebook thread after a considerable delay, at which point responses to queries within the thread seem random and irrelevant because the thread moved on long ago.
Hema couldn't stop latebooking after other peoples' comments about food choices seemed inapropos.

Daniel, so entranced in the intensity of the conversation, ignored his aunts' latebooking.

Heidi participated in latebooking so often, she often was at a loss of words when people tried to talk to her about the current conversation.
by chemwz July 03, 2009
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Posting really obscure videos or vague statuses on facebook at night.
"did anybody listen to the Sleep In video I posted last night at 3:47 in the morning?"

"nobody ever looks at any of the shit you post when you're latebooking"
by completelydead December 08, 2011
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