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One of great importance to all of mankind. The sexiest and the men are the most masculine of all. One can only dream of meeting a Latchford, and if they are lucky enough to meet one their lives are changed forever. The most prolific of these great beings is Harry. They are also the best lovers.
Man I was so depressed, but I just met a Latchford and I feel like just meeting one gives me a reason to live.
by Hello I'm Harry February 06, 2009
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A place in the north-west of the UK, near the centre of Warrington full of chavs, drug dealers, sluts but 2% of it is filled with normal, well behaved people.
A: Where in Warrington do you live?
B:In Latchford
A: God, thats a shit-hole
by Mromnomnomcookie August 17, 2012
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