The most beautiful girl to walk this planet. A girl who is very shy at first but when you get to know her she's very fun to be around and funny but gets annoying sometimes. You can never stay mad at her for long because she won't let you. She has a freaky side to her but wont tell anyone unless she feels comfortable to. She has a mean side to her but doesn't want to show it. She doesn't like drama or fighting but trust and believe me she will fuck you up if you touch her. Most of the boys like to mess with her and play around, but they think she's cool AF. She also has a temper but can't stay mad at people for long but don't ever pissed her off, she might get mad but if she's pissed DONTfuck with her.
When I met Latasha P. I thought she was stuck up and mean, but when we started talking my whole perspective of her change. I just judged her on her looks without talking to her. She's funny , smart and she doesn't like drama or fighting.
by Lowkey_downtoearth March 15, 2017
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