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The friend you call as a last resort when all your other friends are busy. You don't really like this friend and are prone to cancel on them if you get a better offer. You may be this friend to someone else.
Scenario 1
Bob: Hey are you free this weekend?
Friend: Sorry I'm not, got some family function I can't get out of.

Bob: Damn it everyone's busy, Guess I'll have to call my last resort friend.

Scenario 2
Tim: Hi Dan's just cancelled on me. Are you free tomorrow?
LRF: You only ever call me when everyone else is busy, I'm sick of being your last resort friend!
by mrperson123 April 11, 2017
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A friend or acquaintance you call to hang out with when you desperately want to go out but none of your other friends are available. Sadly we all know one or have been one.
None of my friends are available to go out but I really want to do something... I'll call Clint he's my last resort friend.
by coleyw February 28, 2016
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