To remeber back to something that happened when you were drunk, similar to a flash back but when under the influence of alcohol.
"oh dude i just remembered what happened last night, i got my mangina out"

"Im having a lash back from last night"
by Skapunkmonk February 11, 2007
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The swirling air of the wind scar that circles an enemies demonic aura and hurls it right back at them with such great force that the enemy is forced to be demolished and hurled into the netherworld.
The back lash wave can only be observed on IunYasha.
by Metro Josh October 13, 2007
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back lash is the event of doing something horribly wrong and a everyone comes together like a brutal group and really cuts into people kind of like goku spirit bomb attack that uses everyone energy to make a powerful attack to defeat someone when normally one person wouldnt do the trick. like when someone spoke out on victim shaming to dress like a lady and everyone got so mad and talk trash about her because they want to express their selves freely and not be a slave to society laws that defies ABSOLUTE ALMIGHTY GOD laws we was created in nude. its just bad evil to make people buy clothes and not give people to buy clothes, socks and shoes and bras. and if they dont you will lock them up in jail or prison forever especially if they continue... judgement day is ..coming
she wouldnt of did that if she would of saw that back-lash coming. she erased her message on social media so quick and apologize...she knew she wasnt going to make no more money again and wanted to keep everyone happy.
by Megasus Thrist Jesus Christ April 26, 2022
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