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A strong indepentant woman, that won't let anyone or anything get in her way.
When she has a goal, she will stick to it until she has achived it!
She is smart and wise and gives out great advice to all those around her, she often hides her feelings however, and only ever lets in her closest friends. So if she tells you a secret, you had better feel very important.

If she likes a guy, then she will stay liking that guy for a very long time, so don't try to tell her otherwise.

She is very loyal, will forgive easily and guys will typically be attracted to her, although most of the time, she will not notice.
She will normally be an animal lover, girls with the name Lasca, are very rare, you should get to know one!
Person 1: I don't know what to do
Person 2: Go talk to Lasca, she will know what to do!
by buglet200 March 02, 2015
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