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The coolest place on plant earth. If you are one with nature and loves wildlife, Larkspur is the place for you! It's a small town full of people of all ages, if your looking for a good place to party or just chill, it will be in the Lark, as the natives like to call it. Deer are seen nearly every day on the sides of the roads and in the summer, bears are seen occasionally. Pine trees surround every inch of the land and everything is a beautfiul sight. Many people that don't know Larkspur say it's boring, but the fun is right under their nose. There are local waterfalls that are within walking distance from most Larkspurians. There are also off road dirt trails and an abandoned mine! There is always something new to do in Larkspur if you just have a little fun searching for it.
i don't understand, Larkspur Colorado
by LammberAmmy July 29, 2011
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