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meaning to be megged over and over and over again. completely trash at everything
n.- someone who is completely ass at things they say they are good at
v.- to be the utmost bottom level
adj.- synonyms - awful
aw i just missed a layup, i'm such a larkspur
i larkspurred today.... i was megged 27 consecutive signs
the larkspur girl attempted to meg someone but accidentally just ended up m egging herself
by mister penguin November 17, 2016
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Commonly known as Larkbur or larkbark
Someone who gets megged continuously even think they are a goalie. She is incompetent like every other feminist, and has a strange addiction to eyebrows and dilly dilly’s willy.
She is a trash uno and ratslap player, and is commonly mistaken as the larkburg that sunk the titanic.

Larkspur: “What sank the titanic?”
Person two: “Larkburg?”
Person three: “correct!!”
by Lark Shark June 07, 2018
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