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The smartest, classiest, most cultured woman you'll ever meet. She quotes Shakespeare and Hegel like it's everyday speak. She's politically aware and ACTIVE. She's fluent in like 7 languages and never brags about her level of sophistication. she KNOWS music theory and composition inside out, without any formal education. She has an amazing ear for music, and such an honed talent for various instruments. She's an excellent draws men and painter. She's very loving and compassionate, but she's just very passionate about justice. She has medium-length black hair, with recognizable luster. It contrasts perfectly with her porcelain skin, and her deep honey brown eyes. She has heavy, Mediterranean eyelids and a perfect Portuguese "L" shaped nose. Her lips are French, and pouty, and she has a black birthmark on the center her lower lip. She has high cheekbones, giving her a perfect heart shaped face. She has thick, perfectly arched eyebrows. She is tall, about 5"8, with incredibly long, thin legs. She has lovely curves. large, beautiful breasts and a very thin waist with big, Mediterranean hips and a shapely, rounded bottom. She looks amazing in everything she wears, her height gives her elegance, and her body and face give her sex appeal. she can lure you in with her long, Mediterranean lashes and heavy eyelids, and her thick black hair, and you can fall hard. Her voice can be very seductive, and so can her body language. She's always reading something or doing something political.
Q: Hey Larimar what are you doing?
A: I'm reading the Philosophy of History by Hegel
Q: Is it for a class?
A: No, actually, I'm reading it because I noticed many people reference his writings there so I wanted to know them
Q: Is it fun?
A: Oh it's so fun, I'm learning much more about Hegel than I ever knew, for instance did you know.........ect........................
(she'll talk all day), it's part of her charm
by Lexman November 15, 2013
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An extremely attractive girl who can come off as a "goody-goody" but in reality loves to party. Is smart, beautiful, and hates to be wrong.
That girl in my law class is a Larimar, I discovered last night.
by Zackattack92929299 June 20, 2011
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