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Largo High school, established in 1914 is well known for their athletics and not much else. Largo's sports teams are called the packers, this is because when the school was formed largo was largely a farming community and most of the students parents were workers at a citrus packing plant. So the team was named in their honor.

The best high shcool football team in the state of Florida. Known for a nearly exclusive Running game led by Brynn Harvey, who on average runs for 300 yards a game. Largo usually rapes their rival Clearwater High, but the rivalry going on since the 20s has resulted in very few Clearwater wins. Largo's other rival Seminole High led an amazing season in the late 70s but has since fizzled out and usually goes 2-8. It's well known amongst the county that Largo is unstoppable, so when ever a team goes against Largo they pretty-much mark that as a Loss.

In essence, the 300 Spartans would run away crying if they played the packers in football.
Clearwater student: Largo raped us, again!
Largo student: Why did you guys even show up?

Commentator: Largo just broke through (Your team here)'s defense for a touchdown. That would be the 12th time tonight.

Football Coach: We're going against the Packers tonight, lets try to score, but it we dont, hey, it's the Packers.

Leonidas: Tonight, we dine in hell!
Spartan: Why?
Leonidas: Cause we're playing the Largo Packers.
by Dan Lash October 25, 2007
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