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The name of a young girl usually in her pre-teens or teens; is a very smart and loving person. She may seem shy at first but very outgoing and sweet. She is very trustworthy and loyal to her friends, family, and boyfriends. Dudes if you have a Lapri as a girlfriend never let her go, because she will always be with you to the end and always make you smile. A heart of gold that's hard to be won over, but once you do, there will never be a love so devoted and fierce. She will cheer you up if you are down and do anything for her friends. If you get lucky enough to have her as a friend, you'll never regret it. A friend like no other, selfless and caring, even if feeling broken herself. Truly loving because she knows how it feels to be without it. She is the sweetest girl, undeniably romantic and innocent, a passionate lover. every kiss will lead you further into her grasp. although she may feel unconfident, she is a professional in every way. Many will misjudge Lapri, but only those who take the time to get to know her will be rewarded with her friendship. but be warned-- once she has hold of you, you will never want to be with anyone else for she is perfect.
she's a Lapri, you better get used to it.
by fuzzysocks4life January 16, 2018
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