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Lanzia is very attractive. She likes big dicks and knows how to fuck. She is extremely good at telling when someone is lying, so don't even try. She's smart and funny and will throw hands when needed. Fuck you. Once again, she's extremely hot.
Piet: she's so hot
Koos: she's a Lanzia
by Billymadison1234 July 7, 2022
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Lanzia is a very attractive woman,very kind and sweet but can be a little devil when she's pissed off.Lanzia is a very funny,extremely entertaining and one of the craziest poeple you wil ever meet, the type of girl you can never get bored off.
Jan:I met this girl today,her name is lanzia

Jacob:Wife her up immediately
by Arcticchoke August 15, 2022
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